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Cold Wind
A vorpal blade,
Neither here nor there,
Cutting through the glade,
Balanced perfectly in the air.
Rustling leaves,
Cheeks sliced frigid,
Through the crowd it weaves,
Each step timid.
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Grains of Sand
I spit on your woeful words,
The sounds spewing from your wretched lips.
The way your ugly thoughts stream out,
Clawing at my victories.
Yes. That is what they are.
Not losses as you so eloquently say.
Do not dare tell me they're failures,
When grains of sand make dunes
And drops of water coalesce into lakes.
Even Mother Nature would pity you
If she were in my place, facing your lies.
Etch it into your mind that,
Your malice pales in comparison,
To what I can do with the smallest of successes.
So don't you dare try stealing my hard-won battles,
To feed your lust and depravity.
My hardships are not a canvas,
Upon which you can paint your cynical pride.
So begone with you, wretched demon
Before I stand up straighter
And tear out your spine.
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Empty Mind
I wake up as though my day will be different than the last.
It is in all the insignificant ways that it could be.
My mind is an empty fortress, guarded by a moat of silence.
I spend my day wandering if the people I talk to wonder about what is in my mind.
I walk down a street and I see curious things.
A lady walks by, clutching her bag.
Red like fake blood, obviously faux leather.
Her strides wide, I see her dart into the building where all the medicine students are.
I wonder if she'd have a cure to unravel my tongue.
I see a mother, her jet black hair in braids.
Hand in hand with her daughter, walking purposefully towards the bus stop.
They quickly get into bus 42.
I wonder if she'd be scared that I could make her daughter laugh if I wanted to.
In all the wrong ways I think non-stop.
I don't know how to end it though.
Not my life, I can't lose that, it is precious to a few someone's.
Even that I doubt greatly, who'd want to converse with a person like me?
I see my eyes in the bus wind
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Dabbling in Light
What is art, but the dabbling
In the wavelengths, which a paintbrush holds
Or the greyscale a sketch foretold
Maybe the vibrations that ring clear in our ears
Possibly the equations that transport us to the world of our fears
Under the stars and the moon
We find ecstatic patterns hewn
And put them to a medium we do
Science is but the same thing,
Look inside and you'll see for
What is science, but the spectrum split and found
Of colours, endless and unbound
Of melodies that move between quiet and loud.
The moving heavens we gaze upon
Never still is the Earth that we're on.
All of us pulled towards the fiery plasma suspended in the sky
That shows us the how and why
Of energy unlimited and vast
So tell me how we see them apart when
Wavelengths are to colours what vibrations are to sound
And the page upon which their pencils' touch,
Reveals the secrets of the world, and
When thoughts of joy are so profound,
A time through which their ideas ebb and flow,
Time and time again, more they know,
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Hear My Voice
Were I to scream,
It would silence all.
For my voice,
It feels broken.
My will I cannot fathom,
Into the mere sounds
That which we are all born from.
Trapped and lost,
A refuge I seek to no avail.
To speak, perchance to yell,
And to scream and wail.
In the torment of mine thoughts.
Were you to hear me scream,
Is there a chance you'd reply?
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Whereupon must lie my sorrow?
I have three questions,
All intertwined like fated lines.
Why do the feelings come and go,
Whereupon do I leave my sorrow
How is eating a solution
To a problem with no resolution.
As though endless days go by
Up down the joy ride,
I find myself lost and numb
My mind dull, my intellect dumb
Whereupon do I put to rest
That neverending pest
Called sadness on the morrow
And by twilight the bittersweet name of sorrow.
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Transformers:End of All Days | Chapter One
This fanfiction is like a replacement to TF: DOTM. It includes swearing, more blood, less explosions, and genderbent Cybertronians. Lel.
Hope you like it!
Transformers : End of All Days
Chapter One: A Change For The Bad
Megatron PoV
“You know, I am in charge of the pillars, and this whole plan is actually mine!”
I bit back a retort, as my helmet hit the floor.
Damn you to the Pit, Sentinel Prime.
I had waited for this old slag to be revived, in order to initiate the plan! And Optimus Prime took the bait, actually doing something that I wished.
And it had been me. Only me.
“I am telling you, again, I am not working with you! Nor for you!”
...then why the frag are you here?!
Nothing went according to the plan.
Sentinel betrayed the Autobots first, and at the moment the
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Wow, it's been a while since I brought an update along to you guys so here we are. Well I've been at uni and due to that unable to put up as much as I would like to although I have been sketching. Oh well... Mechanical Engineering is a busy course. :D
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Currently a Mechanical Engineering student going for a Masters degree. Hobbyist photographer. I enjoy sketching and writing. Also math and physics but that's not art. Or is it? There might be a poem in there somewhere :D


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